Health Insurance Helped at Christmas


Health insurance has many added benefits that you may not be aware of. Have you ever gone through the list of benefits?

There may have been something you could have claimed, but never knew about.


The week of Christmas we had two clients in hospital – one in Auckland Hospital and the other in North Shore Hospital.


You couldn’t get two clients that were so different! A young women in her 30’s and a gentleman in his 60’s. Both were in hospital for completely different reasons.

They did however, have one thing in common – they had Health insurance.


Health Insurance…so what!

Now, you might be thinking, they’re in public hospital so health insurance is of no use. Well, some policies can actually help you out in this situation.


If you’re in hospital for a certain amount of nights, some health insurance offers a public hospital stay benefit. This is a payment for each night you spend in hospital after a certain number of nights.


How much did health insurance pay?

One of these clients was in hospital for eight nights, so with his health insurance he can claim back four nights worth. At $300 per night it worked out to be $1,200!


Rohit helped this client with the paperwork to get his claim paid. While doing that, he noticed that he could also claim for his specialist appointment. Even more money, that the client had no idea he could get from his health insurance.


The other client was only in for two nights, so didn’t qualify for this benefit. The best thing she did was to let me know that she had been admitted to hospital. I could then start to work out what she could be entitled to.


Things to consider if you’re ever in hospital

I asked her to obtain copies of all her medical notes before she left hospital. This makes it so much easier for any changes she makes to her insurance in the future.


Some health insurances have these added benefits.  It’s a very good idea to contact your insurance adviser if you end up in hospital, as soon as possible.  I suggest you add them to your phone contacts.


Like our two clients, be SMART – we take all the hard work away

If you or anyone you know, who is unsure about their Health insurance, or doesn’t understand what benefits they have, then share this article with them so they can get it checked.

Just click here to book your complementary 10min assessment and we’ll call you at a time that suits you best.


PS: Both clients are well and back at work. They were also home in time to spend Christmas with their families.


Information contained in this blog is of a general nature only and is not intended as personalised financial advice. We recommend seeking personalised financial advice from your adviser before purchasing or changing a financial product.
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