What Breaking Bad Teaches Us …… About Life Insurance


Who knew that Breaking Bad could teach us about Life Insurance?  Well, we found out (between the gasps and giggles) that Walter was onto something.  If you don’t want to do it the ‘Walt’ way, then we can help.

If you haven’t watched it – Breaking Bad is a must see!!!

The main character, Walter White, a humble, quiet guy, was a high school chemistry teacher.  He was dying from lung cancer – an absolute shock to him, his pregnant wife and son.

He only needed $737,000

Walter proceeded to do ANYTHING to make sure his family had enough money so they could manage without him.  He actually worked out (Season 2 Episode 1) the total amount they would need after he died.

He ran the numbers and would need to leave his family $737,000.  Walter added $137,000 for the mortgage, $360,000 for college for two kids and $240,000 for cost of living for 10 years – yep, that’s it!

Now, I’m not saying that you should go out and do what Walter did (start a criminal career making & selling drugs).  There is a much easier way to do this – and its legal.  Its called Life Insurance. – ha!

Life Insurance – How much do you need?

Have you ever run the numbers for your family?  How much would you like to leave them?  Have a think about these:

  • Do you own a home with a mortgage?
  • Other debts – personal loans, higher purchases, car loans
  • Cost of living – how long for (10-20 years?)
  • Education Costs
  • Inheritance for children or grandchildren

Too Hard?  Lets make Life Insurance Easy

Was your number close to Walters, or did you stop adding it up?  Don’t worry, so do most people!  If you did mange to get through the list – then well done!

So…does your Life insurance match your number, or is it all too hard?  Do you even have Life insurance?

Well, don’t be a ‘Walt’ be SMART – we take all the hard work away.

If you, or anyone you know, hasn’t got any Life insurance or hasn’t checked it lately then share this article with them so they can get it sorted.

Just click here to book your free 10min assessment and we’ll call you at a time that suits you best.

PS: What was your favourite Breaking Bad scene?  Best answer wins a bottle of wine (that’s our ‘meth’ around here).



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