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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance gives you peace of mind that you and your family can continue to live your life if you suffer a disability. It’s important that any policy is considered as part of you whole insurance programme so that you’re not paying twice for the same cover (because you won’t likely be paid out twice; talk to us, to understand why this is). Different policies have different terms which is where we come in – to help you understand the right one for you.

Understanding disability insurance

Disability insurance can include total permanent disablement cover through to partial disablement cover and pretty much everything in between. Additionally, you can insure for expert second opinions or progressive (ongoing) care. It’s entirely up to you. Our job is to guide you through your options to get the right insurance products in line with your priorities – as affordably as possible. Sure, you can be insured for absolutely everything but we’ll help you work out your risk and your priorities to make the most of your money.

Disability insurance extras

There are additional types of insurance that may be better suited to you such as mortgage protection insuranceincome protection insurance or, trauma or critical illness insurance. You also need to consider what health insurance you have (so you don’t double up). And if you’re in business then business income insurancebusiness overheads insurance and key person insurance are likely more suitable. What’s most important is that you understand your risks and choose the right protection for you. That’s where we come in – to help you do that, now and long term.

Free review and free quote on your disability insurance

If you’re not sure what types of cover you have in place – talk to us today. We’ll review your existing policies for gaps and double ups and give you our recommendations from the best of what the market offers now! That way you’ll have peace of mind, and be able to protect your assets and your family long term.


We used the services of Rohit Ranchhod after another broker had let us down on a home financing. Rohit did everything he promised and more, e.g., by getting a fee waived for us. Not only that, but he did it efficiently and diligently. Every time we needed something or had a question, he took care of it straight away. He is someone I would certainly deal with again – the best!
F.D, - Western Heights
We were afraid that inviting a mortgage broker into our house would be like inciting a shark attack, but Rohit really has been awesome throughout the whole process. Signing up for a mortgage is a big deal, but with Rohit we were confident that we were getting the best deal, and he genuinely went out of his way to make sure we understood what we were getting ourselves in for, and supported us at every step. Compared to what the bank we have been with for 25 years offered up, Rohit’s service puts them to shame. Go Rohit!
Carolin & Mike, - Piha
I bought my first house through Rohit and he was brilliant. He steered me through the whole process, from negotiation to settlement. Without him I would have been somewhat lost. His advice and service went far beyond what I would have expected from a mortgage broker and at times he was more of a ‘home buying consultant’. Rohit is simply very good at what he does…
Nick, - Mellons Bay