Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance helps you cover the cost of things such as major medical events, GP visits, prescriptions, surgical and diagnostic testing, and more… The right policy for you depends on your specific circumstances. Fortunately we understand the whole market so can help guide you to your most cost effective and appropriate options. Getting it right from the outset, means you (and your family) will have a much easier time down the track. Talk to us first!

Understanding Health insurance

Health insurance comes in many forms and it’s not always easy to get your head around the differences between one policy and another. Fortunately we do understand the differences, because we do this all time. New and different options come to the market regularly so it’s something to review from time to time and with us – we’ll do that for you. And changes to your lifestyle (losing weight, quitting smoking) can make a big difference to your premiums too.

Health insurance extras

Health insurance covers you for many eventualities but you may wish to consider other options such as trauma or critical illness insurancedisability insurance or even mortgage protection insurance. Choosing the cover that matters most to you makes it more affordable so talk to us. We guide you through all your options and make sure you understand the fine print. And we make sure your policies are regularly reviewed so you always have the best possible deal.

Free review and free quote on your health insurance

If you haven’t reviewed your health insurance in a while – get in touch. And if you’re considering it for the first time; don’t got it alone – get our expert advice. With us you’re under no obligation whatsoever, but you will understand all your options and be able to make your best choice! Give us a call today.