What Financial Support are you eligible for if you were made redundant?2017-03-07T06:14:23+00:00

Employer redundancy payments – New Zealand companies are not obliged to provide financial compensation to employees that are made redundant, however some companies voluntarily provide a redundancy payment (check if this is written into you employment contract).

You are legally entitled to be paid for all accrued paid annual leave in the event that you are made redundant.

Am I eligible for Redundancy Cover?2016-04-22T00:44:55+00:00

If you are employed or self employed (i.e. contracted in paid employment for more than 20 hours per week) then you are eligible for redundancy cover.

What does redundancy cover provide?2016-04-22T00:44:55+00:00

An agreed monthly payment, payable for up to six months in the event that you are made redundant.

How do I get the home deposit subsidy2017-03-07T06:14:23+00:00

After 3 years of contributing to KiwiSaver, you may be entitled to a first home deposit subsidy. The subsidy is administered by Housing New Zealand and will be paid to your solicitor on the day the purchase of the property is settled.

Contact one of our advisers and they will be able to assist you further.

Who can join KiwiSaver?2016-04-22T00:44:55+00:00

Anyone can join KiwiSaver as long as you are under 65.

There are generous government incentives for everyone;  including children, students, employees, self employed, not employed, stay at home spouse and beneficiaries. However, you must be living or normally living in New Zealand, be a New Zealand citizen or have permanent residency.

What do Insurance Advisers Do?2016-04-22T00:44:55+00:00

The adviser’s task is to help you identify the risks that you or your business may be exposed to. He or she can then advise you on what risks should be insured against, and then if you agree, the broker will canvas the insurance market to obtain the best insurance protection to meet your needs, at a competitive price.The broker then arranges the insurance policy and documentation. He or she can also help you with information when required, especially if you have a claim, and your broker will remind you when policies are due for renewal or amendment.

Why use a Insurance Adviser?2017-03-07T06:14:23+00:00

In personal and business matters, the correct insurance is vital. Wrong or inadequate protection can lead to disastrous consequences for individuals, families or businesses. The right advice makes all the difference and prevents costly mistakes. Insurance brokers are specialists in insurance protection. They are independent, have an in-depth working knowledge of the insurance market, and are able to provide professional objective advice on identifying risks and exposures, and recommend cost effective solutions.

How are insurance adviser’s paid?2016-04-22T00:44:55+00:00

A commission is the most common form of payment by the insurance company to the broker who places your business. This commission is paid for the work the broker carried out, including documentation etc.

Isn’t it cheaper to go to the insurance company direct?2016-04-22T00:46:14+00:00

Insurers have to pay for administration by their own staff, and many direct sellers incur heavy advertising costs, so you wont necessarily find it cheaper to go direct to the insurer.Brokers are often able to get more competitive prices for insurance because they handle much of the administration for the insurer, and because they place a volume of business which earns them cheaper prices, which they pass on to you.