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First Home Mortgage

First Home Mortgage

Your first mortgage is often really daunting… because you’ve never done it before! Don’t try to go it alone. Talk to us so we can assess your situation and help you determine the best approach to secure the lending that is truly right for you. We take a smarter approach – thinking through the short, medium and long term benefits for your financial well-being. Mortgages don’t have to be scary. Let us help you secure your first home on the best possible terms!

Understanding your first home mortgage

You have a number of options with your first home mortgage; fixed or floating interest rates, different repayment structures (principal, interest only or revolving credit), and the type of property you buy (house, townhouse, apartment, etc.) – all impact on the financial costs of owning your first home. Our role is to help you secure the best possible arrangement bearing in mind your short, medium and long term goals. Getting the right first home mortgage can make a big difference to your accumulated wealth over time. Talk to us first!

First home mortgage extras

What about insurance protection? It’s important that you’re covered to make sure you keep your lenders happy as well as to ensure you’re able to continue to continue making more money over time. We help you understand things like home insurance and contents insurance as well as consider important extra protections like income protection insurancemortgage protection insurance and life insurance so that you and your family are affordably protected over time.

Free market review and free quote on your first home mortgage

If you’re looking to buy your first home, just contact us. We understand the whole market and can help you secure the best possible first home mortgage for you. Our focus is always on keeping your costs low, and we help you manage your mortgage and protections as markets change over time. There’s no obligation and we’ll guide you through all your options so you can make your best possible decision. Talk to us… and get the life you want under way.


Rohit Ranchhod was instrumental for me in securing my property. 
Rohit made himself available to me for several auctions that I participated in and never held any judgement when I was nervous or didn’t want to pay any higher. 
He was always sound and quick with advice and was a clear head, which especially required when going through the emotional turbulance of buying a house!
When I was successful in purchasing a property, I had a 2 weeks for settlement.  Rohit worked tirelessly in the background to ensure there was no stress on me during that time, even though I was setting up a Trust and purchasing the property through this Trust.
Everyone of my questions was answered with a “we can do that”.  Nothing was ever a problem and he was in regular communication with me. 
I have no doubt that without Rohit’s help, I would have lost my property.
Rohit also worked with different providers to get me the best possible deal.  His primary focus was always about ensuring that it was the best for me, and he communicated with me the entire way.
Thank you Rohit, for all your work.  I’m now in a house I love and very happy with the choice!  I strongly recommend Rohit and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for support in purchasing a property.  “Why go anywhere else, when you can get help from the best”
R Patel - Auckland