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Investment Property Mortgages

Investment property mortgage rates are important to get right… because every dollar saved helps your grow your wealth. As with all remortgaging, there can be fees to pay to restructure your lending but our expert advice makes sure any changes you choose to make will work out in your favour. It costs nothing to ask, and growing your equity in your properties gives you the means to grow your investment portfolio. Choose to be smarter and talk to us!

Understanding investment property mortgage rates

We have access to the whole market to structure the right lending options for you – different rates (fixed, floating or a combination) and different repayment structures (principal, interest only or revolving credit). The extra money you could secure as your property values increase offset maintenance and administration costs as well as enable you to add to your portfolio. We’ll talk to you about your short, medium and long term goals and help you build more wealth more quickly. Just talk to us.

Investment property mortgage rates extras

To successfully increase your real wealth you need to be adequately insured. We can help you get better deals on house insurance and make sure you have the appropriate cover for income protection insurancemortgage protection insurancelandlord protection insurance and life insurance. That way you can have confidence that you and the people you care about will reap the rewards of your risk long down the track.

Free market review and free quote on investment property mortgage rates

If you’re looking to restructure a property mortgage or your entire portfolio… or just want to know if there is a better deal, contact us. We understand the whole market and can help you find the best possible investment property mortgage rates for your situation. We focus on putting more money in your pocket… and we help you manage your mortgages and insurances as markets change over time. Our options come with no obligation – you can make your own mind up. Talk to us… and build the lifestyle you want.