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Funeral Insurance

Funeral insurance pays for your funeral meaning your family doesn’t have to be under financial pressure at a time when they’re grieving. There are many different options that pay an agreed amount and it can be very affordable indeed. The key thing is to understand what your policy does and doesn’t provide and choose a plan that will deliver exactly to your needs. Talk to us. We understand the whole market and can guide you to the right insurance product for you and your family.

Understanding funeral insurance

You may wish for a fancy funeral or a simple one. Different cultural practices also impact on cost. So understanding the value and terms of your funeral insurance is important. Some products involve health checks and others don’t. Some products are age-dependent, others aren’t. And the premiums vary wildly as do the value of the payout. So getting expert advice makes sense. It’s also important to understand your whole insurance programme so you can make your best choices for you.

Funeral insurance extras

Things like life insurance may impact on whether or not you take funeral insurance – because your life insurance policy may already include cover funeral expenses. However it’s important to understand your whole programme of insurance to make sure you’re not doubling up (costing you more than it should). Our job is to find a total solution for you – one that pays you more and puts more value in your family’s pocket. Talk to us first!

Free review and free quote on your funeral insurance

If you’re considering funeral insurance, talk to us first. We’ll work with you to make more of your money and get the best possible value for money, now and down the track. We offer a free no obligation review and / or quote. So give us a call.