Smart NZ Home Loans

Smart NZ Home Loans – to Build More Wealth

NZ home loans can be arranged in many different ways depending on your situation and your goals. Our job is to find ideal NZ home loans for our clients to ensure that their assets help them build more wealth. Small differences in your mortgage structure can have a big impact over time. And as lending criteria is constantly changing, staying on top of your NZ home loans and checking that you still have the best available deal is an important part of our ongoing service to you. Whether you’re looking for your first home loan, want to see if there’s a better remortgage offer for you or are looking to build your investment portfolio – smarter NZ home loans begin with us.

First NZ home loans

Your first home is a really big deal. It’s by far the most expensive thing you’ve probably ever purchased and you want to be sure you have the best possible mortgage arrangement. It’s not just about the mortgage repayment calculator – it’s about creating the perfect financial arrangements for you. Choosing between fixed or floating (or a combination of both) and repayment structures (principal or interest only repayments, or revolving credit) can be confusing which is exactly where we can help. And we make sure you have the right protections in place too – things like home insurance and mortgage protection insurance that protect you long term. Let us help you build and retain more wealth from the very beginning.

NZ home loans remortgage

Your home is usually your biggest asset and as property prices constantly change, so does your financial footprint. Over time there are often better mortgage products for your circumstances. And as your property value rises – you can leverage that equity for renovations or property investments. We make arranging your remortgage easy – we can show you all your options and exactly how they impact on your financial footprint over time. We can also check that you have the right amount of protection like home insurance, mortgage protection insurance and income protection insurances. Even better our remortgage services come at no cost to you so talk to us about how we can help today.

NZ home loans for investors

Many of our clients are savvy investors and they know that staying on top of their NZ home loans is a critical part of building their own personal wealth. We understand the market and can secure the very best deals to help you leverage more from your property investments. Yes, we help you secure the best possible mortgage and repayment terms, but we also help you ensure you have the right protections in place. Things like landlord’s protection insurance as well as your personal protections to make sure your investments continue to serve you and your family over time. Talk to us about structuring your investment portfolio for growth and create the life you want.

Mortgage repayment calculator

For a quick estimate on what your mortgage could cost you, check out our handy mortgage repayment calculator. Bear in mind, this gives you a rough estimate. Talking to us means we can search for the best possible mortgages for your specific situation – across all the market lenders. Remember, money saved now gives you more wealth later (often exponentially). Let us show you how.

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