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By Rohit Ranchhod | Mortgage Broker Waikato | Pay off your Mortgage WAY faster



We are big fans of people learning more, upskilling, and generally improving their financial situation.

That’s our driving force at SMART – we want people to win with their finance and lifestyle.

SO… we’ve listed some websites and blogs here that we think will help you…

We have NO affiliations or deals in place here, and of course we suggest you consult professionals before making any financial decisions…. OR, have a chat to us HERE


Handy Finance Websites / Blogs:


Coombe Smith One50 Group – Property Accounting by Ross Barnett.  This site is full of great information specifically about property accounting – the newsletter is well worth signing up to: https://www.cswaikato.co.nz/

Sorted – this truly a great Kiwi site for finance, money, and getting ahead:  https://sorted.org.nz/

Interest – helping people make financial decisions:  https://www.interest.co.nz/

NZ Wealth and Risk – Sonnie puts out some great articles:  https://wealthandrisk.nz/

Reddit NZ Personal Finance – this is a great discussion group to be a part of: https://www.reddit.com/r/PersonalFinanceNZ/

NZ Muse – real talk about money, investing, and life!: https://nzmuse.com/

The Happy Saver – finding financial freedom in NZ – an interesting blog:  https://www.thehappysaver.com/

Passive Income NZ – a journey / blog about developing passive income:  https://www.passiveincomenz.com/

Good Returns NZ – the place for Kiwi financial advisers to stay on top of news:  https://www.goodreturns.co.nz/

Money King NZ – this site is full of financial blog posts, well worth checking out: https://moneykingnz.com/

Joshua Fong – Leader in coaching Christians interested in investing – and one heck of a nice guy as well! https://www.joshuafong.com/


Some of our handy pages and links:

Refinance / remortgage: https://www.smartbrokers.co.nz/should-i-remortgage-in-new-zealand/

Mortgage Reviews NZ: https://www.smartbrokers.co.nz/why-should-you-have-a-mortgage-review/

How to repay your mortgage in 10 years: https://go.smartbrokers.co.nz/smart-dbc-live-edited-on-demand/

Mortgage Calculator: https://www.smartbrokers.co.nz/nz-home-loans/mortgage-repayment-calculator/

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